…Beading and Crocheting/Knitting Update #1

It’s been a week since I started tackling my project to-do list and so far so good. The blanket I started last week is coming along nicely. I just started working with my third skein of yarn and have about twenty inches of the blanket completed (according to the pattern directions it’s supposed to be thirty-six inches). I’m thinking that I am going to need another skein of yarn to complete the border around the blanket – thankfully this yarn doesn’t have a dye lot number. I was on the fence as to whether I was going to add the border because the directions sounded a little confusing, but, I am sure once I start it will make more sense.


Something that wasn’t on my to-do list but I received a request for was a few ruffle scarves. Luckily these only take me a few hours to make so I had no trouble knitting them up.


It wasn’t all about crocheting and knitting this week. I also tested out a vanilla cake recipe for a Minnie Mouse cake that I am making this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t too pleased with it so I’ll be sticking with a box cake to ensure that it comes out well. I also needed to brush up on my cake decorating skills for this cake so I was busy doing that as well. Coming up next week… hopefully a completed blanket and pictures of the Minnie Mouse cake.

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