Hello! Welcome to Bead Yarn & Spatula. I have always enjoyed creating things. When I was a kid I used to bake yummy treats using a Now You’re Cooking playset. Did I just date myself? For those who don’t know it’s an 80’s toy! I’ve upgraded since then and I am now using real baking tools.  When I was unemployed a few years ago I used my downtime to learn cake decorating, crocheting/knitting and jewelry making. After a few years I decided to start blogging about the things I was creating… hence Bead Yarn & Spatula. These days I am working full-time again so I don’t have as much time to make things. I do make it a point to try a new baking recipe at least once a week. And there is usually some yarn project sitting on my knitting needles and/or crochet hooks at any given time. As for the jewelry making, I have beads grouped together for pieces I want to make. It’s nice to have these hobbies at the ready for any downtime so I never feel bored. Everything you see on here I have photographed and written (and have actually done). I hope you enjoy what you see and read. Feel free to post any questions, comments and/or suggestions you may have!


29 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love supporting new blogs because mine is only one month old. Sorry for losing your job I hope you find another one. I love the fact that you still stay positive!

  2. Thanks so much for the like and the follow!! I LOVE all the things you do on your blog and am super excited to have your new posts show up in my reader!! Like some of the other commenters have said, I love your positive attitude of taking a negative and turning it around. I hope you’re able to find a new job, perhaps related to your lovelies right here in your blog!!

    1. Hey… Thanks for the follow and complements as well! I definitely believe in trying to find the silver lining in every situation. I enjoyed going through your blog and checking out your different recipes. Avocado Banana Bread – that definitely sounds like something I’m going to have to try! Have a great week!

  3. Hi Frances! I saw you at Liz’s blog. Thank you for the recipes! We can’t just have enough of it, right? 🙂

    1. Hey Dimple,

      Congrats on your award… It’s much deserved. Thanks for the nomination… I really appreciate it. I’m a novice at this so can you just let me know what – if anything – I need to do in terms of the nomination. Thanks!


  4. Hi Frances!!!
    Great blog….maybe i should start it??? Hmmm!
    Great content, great pix, btw love your jewelry on IG!

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