Pottery Class… The Final Product

So, I finally got the vase back that I made in an introductory pottery class a little over a month ago.

I was happy with how it looked pre- firing and glazing…

Pottery Class

But, I am sad to say that I am not all that thrilled with the final product. While thankfully it didn’t fall apart during the firing and glazing process – which was a possibility – there were quite a few dings and dents in it that weren’t there before and the basketweave pattern that was so obvious before seems to have faded away in certain spots. Oh well… it was a fun experience with some great friends, but, pottery will definitely not be on my hobby list ever.


2 thoughts on “Pottery Class… The Final Product”

  1. Now you’ve killed all the quest or passion I might have had for pottery…this seems so final. Well at least you had a great time with your friends and had a new experience too! Enjoy the rest of the week!!

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