It’s Time To get Beading and Crocheting/Knitting

I’ve been piling up yarn for the past month or so for knitting and crocheting projects and I finally decided it was time to start working on them. On my plate I have two baby blankets, a cardigan and a scarf to make. I definitely have to get the blankets done, but, there is the possibility that the cardigan and scarf will end up sitting on the back burner once I am done with the blankets. I tend to push big projects that are for myself further and further down my to-do list as other things come up, especially if they are quick and easy.


First up a baby blanket using Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn in Light Grape.


While I thought it was going to take a while to work this blanket up, after a few hours of crocheting I am happy with my progress and am looking forward to the finished product.


I also have some beading projects that I am eager to get done as well. In a recent issue of Bead & Button magazine there were a few pieces that piqued my interest. While going through my own collection of beads to pick out colors I realized that I wasn’t too happy with the colors I had so I decided to take advantage of a sale at a beading website and stocked up on some different colors of size 15 beads. I also added some bugle beads, tila beads and cabochons to my collection.


Stay tuned to see what I create!