Agate & Jade Necklace

After making the Teal Multi-Strand Necklace that took a few mishaps before getting right I decided my next necklace should be something a bit simpler. So I opted for a basic stringing technique to string semi-precious dyed agate oval beads and dark green dyed jade nuggets using natural silk bead cord in carnelian size 8 – even though you can’t see the thread I still like to use a color that’s complementary to the beads. I also used gold-tone beads as spacers between the jade nuggets and some left-over metal pieces from my Necklace Makeover as spacers between the agate beads.

I was quite pleased with the finished product.

Teal Multi-Strand Necklace

I’ve seen necklaces like this before and have always wanted to try to make one myself. Unfortunately, my first attempt at it didn’t go too well. I had essentially finished the necklace but when I put the clasps on and tried it on it was uneven and didn’t lay flat. I tried to fix it but ultimately decided that taking it apart would be the best bet. Ziploc bags and a metal bead scoop definitely came in handy!

On the second go around I decided to count the beads as I put them on the beading wire to ensure that it would be even. On my first attempt I did each section my measurement, which was probably the downfall in the design in the first place. Believe it or not, by counting the beads the necklace came together a lot quicker.
And it’s done!
This necklace was definitely a learning experience. I’ve done multi-strand necklaces before, but not anything as elaborate as this one. I had to learn how to properly attach a bead cone to the ends to cover up all the crimp beads that were holding each of the 15 strands to a jump ring and also remember to stagger the strands in the middle portion of the necklace so it would hang nicely. Now that I have somewhat mastered the technique I will definitely be making more of these.
FYI: The beads are all glass seed beads in size 11. I made the spacer bars by using a ladder stitch to stitch together 5 4mm cube beads and then embellishing them with teal seed beads and Swarovski 3mm bicone crystals.

Necklace Makeover

Sometimes a favorite piece of jewelry needs an update. That was the case with this necklace. I still liked the stones, but, the gold-plated links were beginning to tarnish.

I took the necklace apart to save the stones and after some searching found these metal pieces that I thought would make a nice combination.

Using a basic stringing technique with white natural silk thread (size 8) and gold-tone findings I was able to get to work on a “new” necklace.

And here’s the final product. I actually like it more than the original necklace and already have worn it a few times.

Earring Class Redo

This past weekend I went to a jewelry making class with some friends. Initially we thought the class was going to be for a pair of earrings and a necklace so we were a tad bit disappointed when we learned it was just earrings and not the earrings that we saw when we signed up for the class but something completely different. I had some difficulty trying to figure what I wanted to do since I wasn’t too keen on the design we were being taught and with the stones provided to us. So, I came up with this while I was there, figuring I would go home and change them up afterwards.
So today I decided to take them apart and brainstorm with the other beads and stones I got from the class.
After a few attempts I finally came up with these by using a basic wire wrapping technique. I wasn’t all that sure about them at first, but after putting them on they grew on me.
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