Christmas Tree Brownies

Are you still looking for an easy and quick Christmas themed dessert to make? These Christmas Tree Brownies may just be the thing. You can make these completely homemade, semi-homemade, or just by using store bought items only. I went with semi-homemade. Using a boxed brownie mix and homemade frosting. And since they only make 8 brownies, they may be the perfect amount for your smaller get togethers this year.


I prepped the brownie batter per the instructions on the box and then poured it into an 8-inch round cake pan that I lined with parchment paper and sprayed with baking spray. Using a round cake pan is the key behind cutting even triangles without any waste. And while I don’t normally line my pan with parchment paper when making brownies, I did so this time to ensure the brownies wouldn’t stick to the pan.

After baking, I let the brownies cool completely in the pan on a wire rack. Once cooled I easily removed them from the pan…

And sliced them into 8 even triangles.

I had leftover frosting from decorating a cake a few days prior, so I let it sit out at room temperature, since it had been refrigerated, for a few hours before tinting it green. If you don’t want to make your own frosting you can use store bought. At this time of the year you may even be able to find green frosting.

Next I made small slits with a paring knife into the base of the brownie triangles…

I did this so it would be easier to insert paper straws into the brownies to resemble a tree trunk.

While I used paper straws that I picked up at my local party store cut in half, you could also use peppermint candy canes. You’ll just need to trim off the curved part and depending on the length of your candy canes cut them in half. Regardless of whether you are using straws or candy canes, you will want to insert them first into the brownies before decorating them. If you don’t, you may end up smudging the decorated brownie.

Once the straws were inserted it was time to decorate. I filled a piping bag fitted with a small star tip (I used a Wilton 16) with the green frosting and piped it onto the brownies to resemble a Christmas tree.

Finally, I sprinkled Christmas themed nonpareils onto the frosting and topped each with a gold star sprinkle.

And just as easy as that I had made Christmas Tree Brownies!


Supply List:

8 Triangle Shaped Brownies (Use a box mix or your favorite recipe baked in an 8-inch round cake pan)

Green Frosting (Use your favorite vanilla frosting recipe tinted green or buy vanilla frosting and tint it green or even easier, if you can find it, buy green frosting) – About 1/2 cup

Paper straws or candy canes

Christmas Themed Nonpareils

Gold Star Sprinkles

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