Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Sets

Recently I used different beading techniques to create jewelry sets with Swarovski crystals as the focal point. The set on the left was made with 4mm bicones in Olivine and Vintage Rose (O&VR) while the set on the right was made with 4mm bicones in Blue Zircon and Padparadscha (BZ&P).
To create the bracelets for both sets and the necklace for the O&VR set I used the Right Angle Weave technique. I’ll be honest; when I first learned how to do Right Angle Weave I didn’t like it. The finished product was nice, but, I had a hard time just getting into the flow of doing it. I would always forget my place and end up with my thread coming out of the wrong bead. Thankfully working on these bracelets and necklace I didn’t have any issues like those. The one problem I did have was that my thread broke a few times while working on the necklace. I used 6lb Fireline thread which is strong enough but I think that the Right Angle Weave technique weakens the thread after being passed through the beads and crystals so many times. I tried to minimize the problem by not pulling the thread too tight as I added on each new crystal.
For the earrings I followed a pattern that I came across in the Bead & Button magazine from June 2011 called Star Power. The technique used is a basic Netting technique. While the link doesn’t provide exactly what I did, the concept is more or less the same.
And finally, instead of creating a Right Angle Weave necklace for the BZ&P set I opted to make a beaded ball using the Cross-Weave technique. Which I learned is actually a form of the Right Angle Weave using two needles instead of one. This is actually the first bead weaving project that I learned.
Right Angle Weave Bracelets & Necklace: For the O&VR bracelet and necklace I also used Miyuki delicas (size 11) in metallic light bronze and for the BZ&P bracelet I used Miyuki delicas (size 11) in steel.
Star Power Earrings: Unfortunately Bead & Button doesn’t provide the pattern for free, but, it can be purchased here. I modified the pattern by only using two stars as opposed to three. As for supplies, along with the crystals I also used TOHO seed beads in size 11 and 15 in the color bronze and 2x4mm peanut seed beads in matte metallic light golden brown for the O&VR set. As for the BZ&P set, I used silver-lined crystal seed beads in size 11, TOHO seed beads in silver-lined gray in size 15 and 2x4mm peanut seed beads in matte hematite. FYI, the only place that I have been able to find peanut seed beads is on Fusion Beads. Fusion Beads also has a full list of supplies here for the earrings.
Beaded Ball: I also used Miyuki delicas (size 11) in steel and a 10mm round crystal to create the ball.

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